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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 4, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ hello, everyone. the stories you're talking about in a moment. first up to speed on the headlines. a man accused of gary six in arizona last year. the louisiana times is reporting that laoughnor is expected to plead guilty. according to the l.a. times it is not clear whether he will plead guilty to all of the charges he faces. cnn has not confirmed this
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information independently but a hearing is set for tuesday in federal court in tucson, arizona. 14 fires are scorching huge chunks of oklahoma right now. oklahoma county sheriff's deputies are looking for a possible arson suspect who may be linked to one fire. a red flag warning is in effect for much of the state. oklahoma's governor says dangerous conditions are fueling the fires. at least 120 homes or buildings have been destroyed. a live report from oklahoma. stay tuned for that here on cnn. in the caribbean sea, tropical storm ernesto drawing a bead on the yucatan peninsula. the storm is packing winds up to 60 miles per hour and could become a category one hurricane the next few days. jamaica is under a tropical storm warning right now and here is what else we are working on for you. where most shows, of course, dare not go.
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the new american obsession. perfection in a pill. >> it's not like i get high off. it or anything. >> but some people are, getting high on life and even higher on the corporate ladder. but at what cost perfection? this man says another popular pill zapped his sex drive and shrank his testicles. i bet that got your attention. and so will this. it's a bird. it's a plane. no, it's an unmanned weapon of war tracking and reorganized your every move, even in the privacy of your own home. all that, plus, "50 shades of gre." >> i'm back. >> who is watching? everybody. we got a lot packed in this show this evening. every four years, all of those gold, silver, and bronze medals are a testament of on our pursuit to physical protection and can't help but remind us
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mere mortals the help we need just to compete in the game of life. some of us take steroids for the gym and a little blue pill in the bedroom and for the mirror, all of those air loss drugs. you know do you it. what if you could take a pill that gives you a mental edge? it makes you better at your job and even smarter too. would you take it? no matter the risk? well, sounds like science fiction but the future is now for people like dave asperry. he swears by a little pill. it's nicknamed the viagra for the brain. dave, the pill you take every day is called providual and to help with narcolepsy. why do you take it? >> it memberships me do better at all of the things i do. it helps across everything that you do. >> everything that you do. so you are a successful internet executive. do you think that you would be
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where you are in your career right now without providal? >> absolutely not. it's made a huge difference for me in business school when i got my mba in wharton and board meetings i fly around the world several times a year and the stuff is magic. >> magic! okay. do you ever wonder, though, if it's a placebo that you may perform better because you think the drug is actually boosting you? >> i've wondered, but i've tried other smart drugs that don't have the same effect so it's unlikely to be a placebo. >> other smart drugs, what are you talking about? >> one called anarasatan out since the1970s and i tried that in the boom. they protect my brain cells and make me live longer and file pretty good but it's in a class by itself in terms of what it does for your ability to focus.
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>> and adid you ever try addero? >> i don't recommend it. there are other savens including coffee to get that kind of a kick. it's arousal promoting and helps you to be awake but doesn't force you to be awake. >> i'm sure the makers of aderol would disagree with you. >> what you do is you go to your doctor and you say here are the symptoms i have and if you have the right symptoms, your doctor can write it for you. it turns out if you have shift work or sleep disorder which if you fly around a lot or required to stay up late for your job on occasion, you probably may have.
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>> dave, that's all of us! i'm in different time zones all the time and i fly around a lot, but i don't think my doctor is going to give me a prescription for providal and a lot of people do that and i run into the same people on the airplane all the time. >> have you asked your doctor yes? >> no, i have not. >> he probably would. >> but i will. as a matter of fact i take that back. we were going to do the story a couple of weeks and then the shooting happened and i did ask him about it and he didn't agree with it. it was by text message. thank you for reminding me of that. he didn't agree it was this awesome drug that it's being made out to be that you say. let me ask you about the side effects. do you have any side effects? do you worry will your long-term health in any way? >> i run an anti-aging nonprofit group where i get to work with some of the top research scientists and physicians who work on longevity and it turns out that the side effects of
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this are less risky than tile t tylenol. >> every drug has something. even when you read the warning labels and stuff, you'd say, my goodness, i'd rather have tha disease or that symptom, rather than what this thing could cause. >> there are some reports that there's a rare allergy kind of skin disorder but in case they have that warning on there and some people get things like headaches, but i'd say the only potential side effect i might have noticed is that led criticisms lights seem to be brighter. everything gets brighter and the whole world around you, you perceive it more intensely and i
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just noticed it at christmas. other than that, the side effects i feel really good, i'm really focused and i have more energy to be with my family, with my kids, and it's really helped me, i think, on every level that i've tried to improve myself. >> i have a coworker who takes it and my coworker gets headaches. so you don't get the headache. i'm wondering, though, do you feel like in any way that you are doping or cheating, you know, athletes when they take steroids? you're taking this and everyone else around you is not taking this. many people are going and drinking a coffee every day. >> i was in business school really concerned about this, so before every test, i would set the bottles of this two smart drugs i was taking at the time on the desk in front of me. so i don't remember it cating if you're not harming yourself and you tell everybody else what you're doing. it's cheating if i did it in secret. i'm out here. i am taking the stuff and it works and i'm not harnli inharm myself.
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>> you'd recommend it to other folks? >> absolutely. people want to do more with their career and having energ problems or they are just having a hard time doing all of the things that life demands of them, if this is safe, which it appears to be and it helps them to do the things that -- >> at this point, it appears to be but no long-term studies. if you found out that by taking this drug that it was going to damage your health or shorten your life, would you still do it? >> probably not. but the odds of that being the case with this drug are not very high. it's been around for long enough and it's predecessor has been out quite a while and we know what it does to many parts of the body. there are smtill some mechanism in the brain we don't know. my wife is a trained physician and she supports me taking it as well. >> we are not recommending anybody take any of these drugs but, thanks, dave. appreciate you coming on and being forthcoming to us. i'll ask the audience here, would you take it? send me a tweet and let me know.
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can help them go to their full potential. >> i think i'd want to see it go through a couple of trials and i believe in my own national abilities to learn and achieve in my own home. i think everybody should be drug-free as possible. >> millions of people swear by their miracle medications but at what cost? kevin mally says propecia says it made him impotent and shrink his genitals. a doctor at emory university is standing by. kevin, those are tough things to admit, especially to the world coming on national television, international television and do it. why do it? >> i want to warm other men considering this drug and it's not what merck said it was. >> you are part of a class
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action lawsuit against merck who makes propecia. merck believes that propecia has demonstrated efficientlisy and the product labeling appropriately describes the benefits and risk of the drug to help perform prescribing. they saw no casual relationship between the use of propecia and continued sexual dysfunction after designation of tiscontinu treatment. how do you respond? >> the warning labels are adequate why do they have warning labels -- and change the warning labels four times in the past two yerks? obviously, merck knows is there a danger but they don't want to properly warn the public. >> how old were when you you started -- how long did you start taking it? >> i took it off and on from may to october 2011. >> when did you -- >> i started noticing --
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>> when did you start noticing the side effect? >> i started noticing severe problems around october. i was doing jujitsu with my girlfriend and noticed my body wasn't responding correctly and when it was time for sex i noticed things weren't responding properly either. i got off the drugs and fully expected things to get better and that when the side effects got stream. >> what did your doctor say? >> doctor said there is nothing we can do for you and give it more time. i went back to the doctor later and it was worse than aever enhe said there is nothing we can do for you. i've been on replacement therapy for a couple of months and only modern improvements. >> kevin said it got worse to him after quitting the drug. it was almost a year ago. is that common? >> that is not common from these drugs. these two cases, i think, they are both have their similarities but there are also some differences. of course, in both of these
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scenarios, we have people taking drugs -- >> enhancement? >> enhanced performance in some capacity or to essentially fight nature. the difference is mr. asprey is using this drug essentially in a way that is not its intended use and he is essentially guinea pig we don't know long-term effects and we don't know what happens -- >> you wouldn't recommend it? >> i would not recommend it. >> how are people going in and getting prescriptions for drugs where they don't have that particular ailment? >> i think there are several different scenarios. i think one is some physicians are maybe not as rigorous in their diagnoses of certain conditions. you could mention anybody could say i have trouble sleeping but not everyone having trouble sleeping has a sleep disorder. i think you need to be testing and to be more rigorous to differentiate the people who are more appropriate. >> what about more warnings? because as -- you've seen the
7:17 pm
commercial that says can cause this and this and you're saying how many warnings can you get on there? >> i'm not sure we need to be putting more warnings. i think what we do need to be doing is comparing the benefits against the potential harm of these medications and making educated decisions based on that information. >> doctors that do it legal, is it legal? moral? looking more into it? are they doing what they are supposed to do? they are working within the bounds of being a doctor? >> right. i think, you know, two sides to this. from a patient's standpoint, i think patients should have that right to make their own health decisions and we, as physicians, should help educate to help them get there. however, these are federally controlled substances. in the case of provigil. when you have a physician describe it you -- don, it
7:18 pm
wasn't long ago that michael jackson's physician was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. where is the fine line what is okay and ethical and what is truly causing harm? >> doctor, thank you very much. kevin has made this admission and part of a class action suit. when that is settled, kevin, we invite to you come back on. kevin, appreciate it. okay? >> thank you, don. >> thank you, doctor. you've seen them in spy films for 50 years, but now they are real and they are coming to your neighborhood. in fact, we have got them in the studio right now. they are unmanned aerial vehicles or uavs, you know? we call them drones. we are used to seeing them in war. we will have a live demonstration next here in the studio. no problem. you want to save money on rv insurance? no problem. you want to save money on motorcycle insurance? no problem. you want to find a place to park all these things?
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that noise you're hearing, that's a live drone. we are going to get to that in a moment. they can see anywhere. there it is! they can see anywhere at any
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time. watching you when you haven't got a clue. that's what the enemy know of antiterror drones used overseas and the image most people have of drones. large aircraft launched from an art. they don't think of them like this. like this on u.s. soil. small enough to fit in the trunk of your car and launch with a push of a button. and they are now being used by cops. we have been reporting on this. ask rodney, a police in north dakota used a predator drone on his property before going in and arresting him on cattle wrestling charges last year. want a bird's-eye view of your estate? agents using drones to sell properties and put the smack-down on the bad guys and getting an advantage from a cheaper option and fly above. joining me in the studio to explain the noise you're hearing is robin who is from a company
7:23 pm
that makes these minichoppers. show me how this thing works. >> this vehicle here is called a -- micro. our smallest vehicle. it's basically gps guidance and on-board flight computer and can navigate through the air space and providing real-time video. >> my gosh. >> it's a really nice platform that can be easily packed in the trunk of a police car and say the police agency wants to -- they can use it. >> you're looking at that video from -- it's coming from this drone. the concern is -- because police departments are using this around the country that the cops or authorities and big brother will be able to peer into your home and all that and maybe your neighbor if you, if you want to check up on your husband or your wife. can anybody get these things? can i go on your website and get one of these? >> not win can get one. it does require approval through the state department and multiple levels and there are laws in place that prevent
7:24 pm
people from spying on one another. this vehicle itself is a useful tool for law enforcement and putting -- serving warrants. it is a safety tool, not for spying and peering over individual's private property. >> i got to tell you that this is really cool. don't freak out. i'm stepping out of the light here. oh, my gosh. what are the limitations here when you can't just go in and say, oh, i want to get one of these and i want to go -- my wife, i'm worried my wife may be cheating on me, you can't do that? >> no. currently laws in place around the united states and certain areas that you can fly them. >> but the -- go ahead. tell me about mesa. i can barely hear you. >> mesa county, colorado, a low population and the appropriate air space of monitor an unmanned vehicle and they are currently using them for crime scene investigations and basically surveying accidents. >> you said that anyone who is a u.s. citizen can buy one of
7:25 pm
these. >> that is correct. >> the concern is abuse. you're not supposed to use it for that but doesn't mean people won't use it for that. you are selling it. >> no difference than someone parking a van at the corner of the street and videotaping out the window. this is another camera platform. >> this is really cool. do you sell a bunch of these? >> yes, we do. >> how many, approximately? >> i'm not sure what the number we are up to now. but the department of justice is one of our customers and, of course, the state department has approved some foreign company for purchase also. >> what would one set me back if i wanted to buy one? >> everything you need will set you back about 50 k. >> about $50,000 for a drone? >> yes. >> if you want to find out if somebody is cheating on you and spying on your neighbor, you better have a whole lot of money because it's going to cost you a lot. you're not going to go anywhere.
7:26 pm
stick around. william robinson. adaptive flight uav? >> adaptive flight incorporated. >> stick around. police departments have these in their police department and how far can they go and what are your rights when it comes to these things? we will talk to one department that already uses it coming up. don't go anywhere. how cool is that? so you're out and about. you're not in front of a television to stay connected to cnn? you can. pull it up on your cell phone like i do or watch it from your computer even at work. just go to tell them don lemon sent you. we built the tallest skyscrapers, the greatest empires. we pushed the country forward. then, some said, we lost our edge. we couldn't match the pace of the new business world.
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enroll now. i'm so excited about my inner child is coming out. i want one of these things. tonight, you know, we are talking about the spies in the sky. drones over neighborhoods being used to hunt down suspects and go where officers and regular helicopters can't go. so joining me now is william robinson who is still here. he has been demonstrating this
7:30 pm
uav for us. drone, as we call it. but ben is in colorado. ben, thank you so much for joining us. you managed the unmanned aircraft program for the mesa county, colorado, sheriff's office. >> yes. >> let me think. what do you think about this argument that these drones pose a threat to a person's personal privacy? personally, i would like to have one but i wouldn't want this thing flying over my house. >> well, you know, do they present a threat to privacy? part of that answer is yes and part of that answer is no, that's pretty over exaggerated. >> what do you mean by that? tell me. >> what i mean by that from a law enforcement perspective i've been watching the show so far as we come up to this. i'm thinking about it and thinking if -- i think you made a couple of comments spying on an ex-wife and that kind of thing. that was the situation for me. i would lose my job and shame my family and, you know, i'd be
7:31 pm
kind of the black sheep of my professional community. >> but the reason i was asking that is because private citizens can buy these and if you're even a private investigators, you don't have to be with, you know, a police department to get one of these things. the concern that i've heard about people spying on their neighbors, spying on their husbands or their wives with their significant others, or having someone check into their personal privacy and they don't have to be a law enforcement agency. that's the reason i ask that. >> and yeah, that was kind of the second half of my answer was, yeah, i would agree with you, that, you know, the general public really doesn't have any kind of administrative management to the use of these things. you know, there would be some concern. >> yeah. okay well said. let me ask you this. police departments around the country dealing with budget deficits, filing for bankruptcy protection, some of them, do you think -- he said this was like
7:32 pm
$50,000. do you think this is a cost protective pressure for departments? all right. we lost his audio there because he's on skype. william, what do you think? $50,000, i'm sure the number of police officers that they might have on the street can be doing other things with this and they actually don't have to pay a salary over a long-term and so it may actually be cheaper. >> the point of this is we're not to eliminate jobs if that is where that's going. the point -- this is -- you're looking millions of dollars and that requires a crew, it requires fuel and it requires maintenance. it requires a very small amount of maintenance but does not require the several hundred dollars in fuel and multimillion dollar investment in an aircraft and this annual salaries. >> listen. he is doing this from a remote control here and it's almost
7:33 pm
like the helicopter you see the people in the park using, but you can also do this from a computer and from hundreds, if not thousands of miles away. >> this vehicle here is completely capable of 100% automated flight. right now we are controlling it via radio control in the studio because your frequency bands are jam-packed and very busy so we didn't want to risk anything inside the stooutudio here. this vehicle if we were to take it outside we could flip into a gps denied mode and still operate. >> if i'm sitting at home right now, and i'm watching this, how can you -- this probably is a better question for ben but we can't get in touch with ben because of his audio. i don't know. maybe it's because of this thing. how would you assure me that my privacy not going to be invaded by someone with one of these things? >> that is the measures that are put in place by our laws. right now, if the warrant put on an individual, you can watch
7:34 pm
them from the air via a manned vehicle. so why not do that cheaper and save the taxpayers money with a smaller vehicle? this is not intended for illegal use. >> yeah. i can't take my eyes off of this. sorry. i am listening to you but i can't take my eyes off of this. we call it drones. these are the ones that are being used and been a bit controversial around the country about police departments using them, whether or not it's okay to go over your home and look into your backyard. of course, they can do infrared as well but that's not legal. they can actually look in your home. is that legal now? >> no, no, no. they can't look into a home with an infrared camera. >> wanted to make sure. thank you, william. very cool stuff here and thanks to ben as well. so it is the size of an suv. it weighs nearly a ton and gone 35 million miles and will soon be barreling toward mars at 13,000 miles an hour through the punishing mars atmosphere. we got all kind of gadgets
7:35 pm
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all right. we have our fun topics here but half past the hour and get you caught up on the headlines of the hour. breaking news tonight. the l.a. times record jared lee loughner is expected to plead guilty on tuesday. the paper is reporting that mental health officials believe he is competent to understand the charges relate to last year's shooting in tucson, arizona. according to the l.a. times it's not clear whether he will plead guilty to all of the charges he faces. cnn has not confirmed this information but a hearing is set for tuesday at federal court in tucson. 14 fires scorching huge chunks of oklahoma and the sheriff deputies are looking for a possible arson suspect who may be linked to one fire.
7:39 pm
a red flag warning is in effect for much of the state. oklahoma's governor says dangerous conditions are fueling the fires. at least 120 homes or buildings have been destroyed. they call it seven minutes of terror. the last delicate stage of nasa's mars landing that happens early monday morning. if all goes as planned, a 2,000-pound rover called curiosity will land on the march shaun surface after 1:00 a.m. monday. the rover is the largest robot scientists have ever tried to land on another planet. we like our gadgets here on this broadcast. mitt romney, you know, he did something that is usually reserved for liberals and picked up a big hollywood dirty endorsement as in that as dirty harry, get it? talking about clint eastwood. anna, don't republicans like you refer to hollywood as a bunch of liberals except for reagan, of
7:40 pm
course. >> we refer to them as liberals when they are endorsed the other guys but when they endorse our guys they are doing the right thing for their country. you know, this was a great endorsement for mitt romney, don! he began the week talking about dirty harry and referring to harry reid with whom he has been feuding all week. by the end of the week it was dirty harry, clint eastwood. great for mitt romney. >> i have an idea for you and hear me out here. clint eastwood for vice president? romney has this reputation. you saw being a wimp, whether it's real or not. check out this "newsweek" cover that eastwood would certainly help to change, right? he was the mayor in the '80s of carmel, california. what do you think of that idea? >> look. i think it's an idea worth considering. look. i think mitt romney should send
7:41 pm
clint eastwood to the "newsweek" offices. clint could glare you into submission, frankly and stare you down. >> i know people are looking at it as a celebrity endorsement. it's kind of funny. i think it's not a bad idea. the man has political background. and he is very popular. as much as president reagan was. >> he's a sophisticated man and has done public service and who knows politics and who is engaged and who, despite his age, maintains himself incredibly active in business and politics and in the arts. >> i'm not done with you so stand by. we are going to talk about this. some say the olympics, you know, this year are more like the skin
7:42 pm
limpics. look at these pictures. nearly baring it all. the old is all new again. old actors and old movies. hollywood is retooling and rehashing and reusing. can you guys stop it, please? so... [ gasps ]
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i'm back! >> he's back and a whole bunch of other people are back. dear hollywood. any fresh ideas out there? even old guys are returning to the screen along with others. do they have any mojo left or do they need their canes or wheelchairs yet? it's so mean! i actually hope the old guys do better at the box office than the young guys. all of these sequels. spiderman and batman and snow white have gotten a hollywood makeover again and again and again. our message, dear hollywood, please stop. ana is back again.
7:46 pm
i haven't been with you two in a long time. now we get to have some fun. it's been all serious news. good to see you guys. do you feel like me? i know we were making fun of the old guys are back. i kind of want the old guys to do well because it's always young punks at the movies. >> i definitely want them to do well but this is show business, my friend. it is a business and why the old people are still there. they are stars and have drawing power. here is a number to remember. the average studio movie costs $65 million and not even involving promotion and advertising. spider-man made over $5 million. there will be sequels over and over again because it protects your job. if a movie refails or successful one you can keep your job at the studio. you green light and loses $50 million you're out of work. >> do you think this movie is going to do well? >> it looks cool to me. i want the drone. you want a drone in a movie, don! don and the drone. >> everybody is going on and on
7:47 pm
about these drones. the drones are on twitter and you're going on. >> i love the drones. >> ana, you want to rent the drone! >> i want to rent the drone because they cost too much money. i think i could do all of the spying i need to do in one or two days. i really don't need it the rest of my life. i think we could really use one of those drones in politics. listen. if we sent that drone to political opponent's events to be at those event, it would drive them crazy. >> we are supposed to be talking about movies and in the commercial break, i wish the audience could hear. they were going on and on about the drones. i don't know if you guys can see air. look at this. i just think it's really amazing stuff and i had this in the studio. every guy in the control room, i'm told by the ladies there, standing up -- sitting on the edge of their seat. >> ana, do you think mitt romney owns any drones?
7:48 pm
he has a lot of money. he might own a drone or two. he could send it over obama? >> you know, i don't think -- mitt romney does not break the laws and does not do those things. >> he could legally have a drone. >> he doesn't own a drone. he knows the people who own the drone company. but i want to make sure the adults in the room there at cnn atlanta, make sure that don lemon returns that drone! bad things could happen if don lemon didn't return that drone! >> all right. enough with the drone for now. listen. one last question, ana. how i do think these movies are going to do? do you want to see the young, cute, hunky guys or the old guys who have got some time under their belt? >> i want to see them both. i have a soft spot in my heart for the old guys. i don't think they are old guys. they are classics and we are all going to be old at one point or
7:49 pm
another so i think we need to start stanthed up for the old guys. the sooner, the better. i hope they succeed. >> you want everything. you want everything. both of you, stick around. i need you to talk about this next topic. full frontal in prime time in high definition, but who's watching? everybody. ordinary rubs don't always work on my arthritis. try capzasin-hp. it penetrates deep to block pain signals for hours relief. capzasin-hp. take the pain out of arthritis.
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7:57 pm
i'm in a bar with my friends, a bunch of people. we are all watching, eating wings and beer and we are watching and everybody is like, oh, my gosh! oh, my eyes! what is going on? i think it was diving or something. dean, who is heart is racing more? the olympic athletes or the people sitting at home watching in prime time? never have i seen so much skin in prime time and i think it's because the suits are getting smaller, but it's high-definition now and bigger tv screens. you can see everything! >> this is great! i think this is the greatest thing ever! some people saidic ironically olympic porn. people think this is porn and they haven't watched porn. google it and google porn. this is not all like porn. second, the original olympics were all naked. the ancient olympics and i think they should go back to that. think about the ratings. think about swimming the underwater camera? how amazing! tell is on pay-per-view. >> ana, you know what i'm talking about. did i just see that?
7:58 pm
like you're not thinking about it. you're like, they are going to win and when you realize what you are looking at, you can kind of thrown off-guard. >> don, i want to tell you something. somebody that is incredibly engrossed in the olympics, i highly resent your suggestion that we are watching these games for the soul purpose of watching perfectly chisled human spes mens instead of paying all of the attention to the athletics and prowess that these young people are showing. i think you are, right now, highly underestimating the attention of america and the worlover. yes, we would all be much more interested in watching the olympics if the athletes were wearing burqas. >> i know you, an navarro. >> let me just tell you. my question is why haven't you shown us any video of ryan lochte? i like the video where the camera pans from underwater and looks at the swimmers as they are going by.
7:59 pm
i also to know why the male gymnasts are still wearing shirts? i don't see the necessity for so much clothes with male gymnasts. >> if i looked like those guys, i would never wear a shirt and have baby oil on at all times and glistening in the sunlight! are you kidding me? at this age, come on! when they get older it's much harder to look like that. that's why i wear a shirt and a jacket. >> i have a very good friend who is a swimmer and then also there is young man who works in the studio here is a swimmer. he said both of them say they would have contest to see who could get into the smallest bikini or swimsuit because of the drag. they would have a contest for it. >> a band-aid? what do you use? what gets smaller than what they have right now? a thong is the next one. >> i give